Date Sheet

Date Sheet for B.A/B.Sc. Annual Examination – 2020 (Click here to download in PDF)

Paper Timing 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Date Day Subject (Part I) Paper Subject (Part – II) Paper
29/09/2020 Tuesday Islamiyat (Compulsory) ————
30/09/2020 Wednesday ———— Pakistan Studies
01/10/2020 Thursday Botany A ————
02/10/2020 Friday English (Compulsory) (New/Old) A Botany C
03/10/2020 Saturday Botany/Physics B/A English (Compulsory) B
05/10/2020 Monday ———— Botany/ A Course of Mathematics D/C
06/10/2020 Tuesday Geography/ Islamic Studies A/A Physics C
07/10/2020 Wednesday ———— Chemistry/ A Course of Mathematics/Islamic Studies/International Relations C/D/B/B
08/10/2020 Thursday Chemistry/Statistics A/A ————
09/10/2020 Friday Arabic/English (Elective)/Pashto/Urdu A/A/A/A Geography/Computer Science/Physics C/C/D
10/10/2020 Saturday Geography/Economics/Psychology B/A/A Arabic/English (Elective) /Pashto/Urdu B/B/B/B
12/10/2020 Monday ———— Geography/ B Course of Mathematics/Economics D/C/B
13/10/2020 Tuesday Chemistry/Political Science B/A ————
14/10/2020 Wednesday Physics/International Relations B/A Chemistry/ B Course of Mathematics/ Political Science D/D/B
15/10/2020 Thursday Zoology/History A/A Statistics/Sociology B/B
16/10/2020 Friday Health & Physical Education/Law A/A Zoology/Computer Science/History C/D/B
17/10/2020 Saturday Zoology/Sociology/Education B/A/A Health & Physical Education/Law B/B
19/10/2020 Monday ————-   Zoology D


To avoid grouping, the students will enter into the hall in a phased manner, with 6 feet distance.
Students shall wear mask, gloves and avoid hand shake before and after the exam.
Close gathering shall not be allowed at any place.
Student will bring drinking water bottle along with them.
Parents should avoid gathering at the centers.
Examiners shall wear gloves while taking and distributing the papers.
All surfaces i.e. table/chair tops & door locks shall be properly sanitized before and after the paper.
Proper distance i.e. six feet between the seats shall be ensured.
Violation of the SOP will be dealt as per University Regulations.
Practical Examination will start w.e.f October 26, 2020, the detail will be provided at respective centers and colleges during exam.
In case of any sort of Conflict of Date(s)/Paper(s), please contact the Examinations and Secrecy Section, immediately.