Date Sheet BA/BSc

Date Sheet
BA/B.Sc (Part–I & II) Supplementary Examinations, 2020



  • To avoid grouping, the students will enter into the hall in a phased manner, with 6 feet distance.
  • Students shall wear mask, gloves and avoid hand shake before and after the exam.
  • Close gathering shall not be allowed at any place.
  • Student will bring drinking water bottle along with them.
  • Parents should avoid gathering at the centers.
  • Proper distance i.e. six feet between the seats shall be ensured.
  • Violation of the SOP will be dealt as per University Regulations.
  • Practical Examination will be held in the university w.e.f April 20, 2021. The detail will be provided at the respective center during the exam.
  • In case of any sort of Conflict of Date(s)/Paper(s), please contact the Examinations and Secrecy Section, immediately.

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